Wednesday, August 27, 2008

EXCLUSIVE: First Look at the New Joker!

S&T has the exclusive first look at the hay-list movie star who will take the reins of playing the Joker (opposite Christian Bales of Hay) in the upcoming still-unbridled Batman spinoff. In a cuntroversial move, Julia Crotchburn -- who's female. And a horse. -- has agreed to play the role of the ultimate Batman villain -- who's traditionally male. And human. Here's the exclusive shot of her first day on the rural Kentucky set. The great old mare was well-received by her fellow castmates, who brushed her coat, gave her a sugar cube and covered her with a warm blanket when it was time for a nap in a sunlit corner of the barn.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Bigfoot Mystery Solved!

Mystery solved! Recent news reports led S&T to believe that Big Foot was alive and well in Miami. Our under-the-cover investigation unit reveals that the Yet-He was actually an Abominable Hogan -- the biggest Hogan of all, Brooke -- seen here, jogging back from a wax appointment, where it removed hair from its Sascrotch area in a complex procedure only performed in Miami.

BREAKING: Kim Kardassian Joins Prancing with the Stars

"I'm going to work my ass on the floor," says Kim Kardassian, a newly announced triscuit cuntestant on Prancing with the Stars. Let's cheer shim on to the finish line!

Web Workouts for Tranimals II

Continuing our cumitment to ensuring our readers are fit and healthy -- grade 'A' breeding stock -- we bring ewe our latest harvest of Web Workouts for Tranimals. This time, Heidi Manbags offers up a steaming pile of Assercise in her new video for "Overdouchin'," while Gay Aiken presents his assterpiece workout in Gay Achin': Sweatin' on the Oldies. Enjoy!

What's the Diff?

Can you spot the difference in our tranny clown circus?

Scroll down for the answer.

Answer: There's a Gloworm in the pic on the right.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A Transpirational Message

Tranity Kane star Aubrey O'Day went head to head with talk-show ho, st Offendy Williams to discuss the ins and outs of the tranimal lifestyle. They chatted about things only a tranimal would understand: the pain of accidentally sitting on your balls when wearing skorts, applying makeup with a painbrush and using Sharpies for eyeliner. Of the three bitches on the couch, only one looked like its hair was its natural color. Guess who? (Hint: It's the poodle.)

Fingering Our Inbox: Your She-mails

Our inbox is bursting with she-mails about the new development on America's Next Top Tranimal. It seems Tyra Franks has gone meta all over itself after allowing a tranimal contestant -- in its clear platform heels (Brooke Whoa-Man Collection, $8.69) and an extra crispy nylon tumbleweave (her own) -- to come trotting out of the fashion closet. This sheason will feature a contestant who identifies as "a woman born physically male."

We were chomping at the bit when the head tranimal itself wrote in, gushing with joy about this mound-breaking moment.

Deer Shebizkit,

My mound be swellin wit pride and is almost as big as my fourhead. No wot I'm sayin? Iz tinglin' all over wit more excitemint than the tyme i got vaseline on sail at C-Town. No wot I'm sayin? We finally found a cuntestant i can relait to. I can show him how to tuck his biznss between hiz thighs, how to turn his Adam's apple into a Eve apricot and to give rim jobs better than Miss Jay at a fome party in 1989. Or better than Janiss Dickinbum used to doo at Studey Ho 69. Iz da troof! No wot I'm sayin? Here's hopin you watch the new season of Top Tranimal and root for onee of yo own. No wot I'm sayin?

Trya Franks

Hay! We Wish You'd Croak!

Go jump off a lilypad.

EXCLUSIVE: Deep Inside Lindsay & Sam's Honeypoon Suite

Using a high tech camera with a bending, double-headed lens, S&T has penetrated deep inside the love nest of gash grazers Lindsay "Vadge Freckles" Lohan and Samantha Ronsodomy, discovering an epic dyke fest of Lillith Fair proportions at the Shat Ho Marmount Hotel. In this snatcheteria, the bush bangers listen to Scissor Sisters and TaTu while playing connect the twats, not showering and watching Cream Girls and I Know Who Tribbed Me for hours on end.

Monday, August 4, 2008